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Alexander is the owner of AnimalQnA. He is a pet lover. He has created this blog to share some of his knowledge on different kinds of pets.


How To Catch An Otter?

Otters are some of the most entertaining and playful animals in nature. With their inquisitive minds, curious personalities, and active lifestyles, they can be a delight to watch in their natural habitats. If you’re looking for an up-close encounter with these wonderful creatures, then learning how to catch an otter could be the perfect activity …

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Why Do I Keep Seeing Butterflies And Dragonflies?

Have you ever noticed a sudden increase in the appearance of butterflies and dragonflies, and wondered why? Are you curious to know if their presence has any significance in our lives? Seeing butterflies or dragonflies can be an incredibly beautiful experience. They represent something special and unique for many people, from spiritual symbolism to simple …

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