Do Hedgehogs Like To Be Held?

Do Hedgehogs Like To Be Held

Hedgehogs are a popular pet for those looking for something different and unique. They have adorable faces, spiky fur, and can even be trained to do tricks. But one of the most important questions people ask when considering bringing a hedgehog into their home is: Do hedgehogs like to be held? If you’re wondering about this too, read on to find out more about how hedgehogs interact with humans and whether or not they enjoy being handled.

How do Hedgehogs Behave when Touched?

Hedgehogs are small, shy animals by nature. When they feel threatened or scared, they will curl up into a tight ball to protect themselves. This is their natural defense mechanism and it can be alarming if you’re not expecting it. If a hedgehog feels comfortable enough around someone, however, they may uncurl and even allow them to pet them gently.

Do Hedgehogs Like To Be Held?

The short answer is yes! With proper handling techniques and a lot of patience, hedgehogs can learn to enjoy being held by their owners. It’s important to note that hedgehogs don’t like sudden movements or loud noises so it’s best to handle them slowly and calmly. Start with gentle strokes on the back and sides until the hedgehog begins to relax and then gradually work your way up to picking them up for brief periods of time.

  • Slowly Introduce Touch: It’s important that you take your time when introducing touch as some hedgehogs may not be used to human contact.
  • Provide Comfort: When holding your hedgehog, make sure he/she feels safe by providing warmth from your hands or body heat.
  • Be Patient: Holding a hedgehog can be intimidating at first but remember that all animals need time to adjust. Give him/her plenty of space while still providing gentle touches.
  • Reward Good Behavior: When your hedgehog has successfully let you hold him/her for an extended period of time, reward the behavior with treats or extra playtime outside the cage.

Do Hedgehogs Like To Be Cuddled?

Yes, hedgehogs do enjoy being cuddled. They are naturally curious and social creatures that love interacting with humans. Hedgehogs can become very attached to their owners, and when they’re feeling content, they’re often quite happy to be petted or cuddled.

When it comes to cuddling with a hedgehog, it’s important to take things slow and let your hedgehog get comfortable with the idea first. Start by offering them treats from your hand so that they associate you with something positive and enjoyable. Once your hedgehog is used to being handled and petted, you can move on to more intimate interactions such as cuddling in your lap or allowing them onto your chest for a snuggle session. Don’t be surprised if your prickly friend enjoys rolling around in blankets or towels too!

It’s also important not to force cuddles on a hedgehog – this could make them feel anxious or stressed out. If at any point during handling they display signs of distress (such as puffing up their quills), give them some space until they relax again before continuing with the interaction. With patience and understanding though, most hedgehogs will eventually come round to the idea of being held close!

Do Hedgehogs Get Attached To Their Owners?

Yes, hedgehogs can get attached to their owners. These small mammals are not typically considered to be social animals, but they do form strong bonds with their caregivers over time. Hedgehogs are solitary creatures and generally prefer the company of their own species over other animals or people. However, with proper care and a lot of patience, a hedgehog can learn to bond with its owner in much the same way as cats or dogs do.

Hedgehogs are known for being shy around new people and things, so it is important to take your time when introducing them to new environments or situations. Once they become comfortable in their surroundings they will start exhibiting signs of affection towards you such as chirping or purring when you pick them up, snuggling into your lap while you’re petting them and even following you around the house. Allowing your hedgehog access to areas where it feels safe – like its cage or a blanket fort – will also help establish trust between the two of you.

Over time, if handled properly and given plenty of love and attention from its owner, a hedgehog can learn to recognize its caregiver’s voice and smell which will further strengthen the bond between them. If treated well, these little critters can make excellent companions that provide years of entertainment!

Do Hedgehogs Let You Hold Them?

Yes, hedgehogs can be held, but they often require some time to get used to it. Hedgehogs are naturally shy and will curl up into a ball when scared or startled. To make sure that your hedgehog is comfortable with being handled, you should take things slowly and not force them if they don’t want to come out of their ball.

When you first bring home your new pet hedgehog, it’s important to let them get used to the environment before attempting to handle them. Give the animal at least a few days in its cage so that it gets accustomed to the sights and sounds of its new home. Once the hedgehog has settled in and looks relaxed, you can begin handling it gently with slow movements so as not to startle it.

Initially, try picking up your pet with one hand while supporting its back end with the other hand and offering treats as rewards for calm behavior. Over time, you can gradually increase contact and allow more physical activity such as having your hedgehog walk around on top of you or cuddling together while watching TV. Keep in mind that every hedgehog is different and may have varying levels of tolerance when being handled; just make sure not to push too hard if they seem uncomfortable or stressed out.

How Do I Know If My Hedgehog Is Happy?

It’s important to know when your hedgehog is happy, so that you can ensure their wellbeing and make sure they are content in their environment.

One of the easiest ways to tell if your hedgehog is happy is by observing their behaviour. A happy hedgehog should be bright-eyed and active, with a relaxed posture while they interact with you. They should also display normal eating habits over time, as well as being curious about their surroundings. If your hedgehog seems lethargic or withdrawn from its environment, this may indicate something is wrong and further investigation might be necessary.

Another way to know if your hedgehog is happy is through touch. When handled correctly, hedgehogs will fall into a state of bliss known as ‘quilling’ where they relax into your hand and become limp. Furthermore, if you pet them lightly along the back and spine it should produce an enjoyable sensation for them which will result in them rolling onto their back and raising all four feet in the air; this action indicates contentment. If instead they appear agitated or try to flee from handling, then something might be wrong either physically or emotionally which requires further investigation.

Do Hedgehogs Like Their Bellies Rubbed?

Yes, hedgehogs do like their bellies rubbed. This is a great way for owners to build trust and bond with their pets. When done properly, belly rubs can be an enjoyable experience for both the owner and hedgehog.

When giving your hedgehog a belly rub, make sure to handle them gently but firmly as they may get startled if you’re too rough. Start by petting the animal softly around its back and sides before slowly introducing your hand near its stomach area. It’s important to give your pet some time to adjust at each step of the process so that it can become comfortable with being handled in this manner. If your pet seems relaxed and happy when you touch its stomach then proceed with rubbing its belly gently in circular motions using one or two fingers.

Hedgehogs are known to enjoy belly rubs since it gives them comfort and helps reduce stress levels while strengthening their bond with their owners. Additionally, regular belly massages also help improve circulation which will benefit the overall health of your pet over time. Therefore, if done correctly and regularly, belly rubs can be beneficial for both yourself and your beloved pet!


In conclusion, hedgehogs do not typically enjoy being held due to their natural instinct to hide and fear of unknown objects. However, with frequent handling sessions, bonding activities, and a safe environment they can grow accustomed to it. Hedgehogs make great pets that require patience, understanding, and lots of love. Understanding the needs of your pet is key in building a long-lasting relationship between you and your hedgehog!

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