Do Hedgehogs Play With Toys?

Do Hedgehogs Play With Toys

Hedgehogs are an increasingly popular pet choice, as they are small, relatively low-maintenance and incredibly cute. But with their unique anatomy and behavior, it can be difficult to know how to keep them entertained. One of the biggest questions that owners have is whether or not hedgehogs like to play with toys. In this article, we’ll explore whether hedgehogs enjoy playing with toys and which kinds of toys might work best for them.

Do Hedgehogs Play With Toys?

The short answer is yes, hedgehogs can and do play with toys! This small, spiny mammal is surprisingly playful and curious. While they may not be as active or energetic as other pet species, they still enjoy exploring their environment and playing with different items. Hedgehogs have a natural curiosity that often leads them to investigate any new objects in their cage. They tend to be attracted to colorful and interesting objects like balls, bells and even stuffed animals!

Which Toys Are Best For Hedgehogs?

When it comes to choosing the right toys for your hedgehog, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, make sure that the toy is safe for your pet – avoid anything sharp or rough that could hurt them. Secondly, choose something small enough so that your hedgehog can carry it around easily in its mouth or paws. Lastly, pick something fun! Here are some great toy options for hedgehogs:

  • Balls: Small rubber balls are always popular amongst hedgehog owners. These provide hours of entertainment as your pet rolls them around the floor or tries to carry them in its mouth.
  • Cat Toys: Cat toys such as feather wands or interactive laser pointers can also bring out the playful side of your hedgehog.
  • Stuffed Animals: Plush animals like teddy bears can also make great companions for a lonely hedgie.
  • Wooden Blocks: If you’re looking for an enrichment activity, try providing wooden blocks for your pet to stack up into towers.
  • Hideaways: Hedgehogs love burrowing into nooks and crannies so hideaways like tunnels or cardboard boxes filled with shredded newspaper will keep them entertained for hours on end.

What Do Hedgehogs Like To Do For Fun?

Hedgehogs are playful and curious animals, so there are plenty of activities they enjoy doing for fun. Hedgehogs love to explore their environment and investigate anything new that comes into the area. As such, providing them with toys, tunnels, hiding places or even just a few pieces of paper or cardboard can keep them entertained for hours.

Another way hedgehogs have fun is by rolling around in things like sand, leaves or hay. This behavior provides them with tactile stimulation as well as an opportunity to groom themselves properly. They also enjoy running on large exercise wheels and exploring small play areas filled with interesting objects and textures. Additionally, some hedgehogs may even engage in wrestling matches with other members of their species if given the chance – although this should only be done under supervision!

Overall, hedgehogs need lots of active mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Providing them with different types of enrichment activities every day can help ensure that your pet has plenty of opportunities to have fun while staying safe at home!

What Toys Are Good For Hedgehogs?

When it comes to choosing toys for your hedgehog, there are a few things you should consider. First, safety is the most important factor; any toy that can be chewed or swallowed could prove dangerous for your pet. Secondly, look for toys that will encourage natural behaviors such as digging and exploring. Finally, always choose age-appropriate toys based on the size and activity level of your hedgehog.

One type of toy that makes a great choice for hedgehogs is an exercise wheel. Exercise wheels allow hedgehogs to get some much needed physical activity while also providing mental stimulation with its spinning motion. Additionally, tunnels and hideaways provide enrichment by giving them a space to explore and play in relative safety away from predators. Other items such as cardboard boxes and tubes can also make interesting additions to their habitat that give them something new to discover every day.

Finally, don’t forget about offering food puzzles like treat balls or chewable items like cardboard rolls stuffed with treats! These types of interactive toys not only keep their minds occupied but also help promote healthy chewing habits and provide an extra source of nutrition when filled with nutritious snacks like fruit pieces or insect larvae. No matter what type of toy you choose for your pet hedgehog, make sure it’s safe, age-appropriate, and encourages natural behaviors!

What Do Hedgehogs Like In Their Cage?

Hedgehogs need a safe and comfortable environment to live in, so providing the right items in their cage is essential. Hedgehogs are naturally curious creatures, so having plenty of stimulating toys and hiding spots will keep them occupied.

The first thing your hedgehog needs is a large enough enclosure that gives them enough room to move around and explore. A minimum size for two adult hedgehogs should be at least 2 x 3 feet but bigger is always better! The enclosure should also provide plenty of air circulation as well as protection from any potential predators or other threats. It’s best to use an aquarium with a secure lid, or a wire cage with half-inch bar spacing (so they can’t escape).

In terms of bedding material, you’ll want something that’s both soft and absorbent such as shredded paper towels or coconut fiber bedding. You may also choose to add some hay for nesting purposes too. Provide lots of hideaways like tunnels or boxes for your hedgehog to retreat into when it wants privacy. Placing multiple hides throughout the cage will give your pet more options when it comes time to snuggle up tight inside its own little dwelling place.

You’ll also want to make sure there are plenty of toys available in the cage – think pieces of cardboard tubes, balls, small climbing structures and even chewable objects made from natural materials like wood blocks (avoid plastic!). Finally, don’t forget about food dishes and water bottles which should be placed on the outside walls away from any bedding material so they stay clean and dry at all times.

Do Hedgehogs Like To Be Played With?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals and do not typically enjoy being handled or played with. They prefer the comfort of their own space, so it’s important that their living environment is comfortable for them. Hedgehogs may become agitated if they are forced into contact with humans or other animals, which can lead to bites or scratches as a defensive measure. Therefore, it is best to observe these little critters from a distance rather than attempting to touch them.

However, some owners have successfully trained their hedgehog pets to tolerate handling and even respond positively towards certain types of interaction such as gentle petting and feeding treats. If you decide to try this approach, always remember that these animals need plenty of time alone in order to feel safe and secure in their environment.

Start off slow by offering food rewards when your hedgehog allows you near him/her and gradually increase your proximity over time. Be sure to never force contact on the animal – instead allow it happen naturally at its own pace until both parties become comfortable around each other.

Do Hedgehogs Need Daily Attention?

Yes, hedgehogs need daily attention in order to stay healthy and happy. Hedgehogs are social animals that thrive when they have human interaction. Without regular attention from their owners, hedgehogs can become unhappy and even depressed. They need a certain level of stimulation to remain content and active.

Daily interaction with your pet will give them the opportunity to bond with you as well as helping them to develop positive behaviors. During playtime, you should provide toys for them to explore so that they can use their natural curiosity. It is also important that you spend time grooming your hedgehog by brushing its fur or providing a bath if needed. This activity helps keep their coat healthy while allowing you both to build trust and companionship together.

Hedgehogs will also benefit from activities such as going on walks outside or exploring new environments indoors, this helps keep them mentally stimulated while exercising their bodies at the same time. Additionally, it gives them an outlet for exploring and discovering within their environment which is beneficial for both physical and mental health development.


In conclusion, hedgehogs can and do enjoy playing with toys. Whether they prefer chewable ones or those that roll around on the ground is up to each individual animal. As long as you provide them with safe, appropriate playthings and keep an eye out for any potential problems, your pet hedgehog should have plenty of fun!

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