What Do Hedgehogs Like To Do?

What Do Hedgehogs Like To Do

Hedgehogs are some of the cutest and most interesting pets you can own. They have unique personalities and preferences when it comes to activities, making them fun and entertaining companions.

From puzzles to running on wheels, hedgehogs enjoy a variety of activities that keep them active and engaged. So what do hedgehogs like to do? Read on to find out more about these adorable creatures and the activities they enjoy!


Hedgehogs love to play. They can be given a variety of toys and puzzles to keep them entertained, such as balls, tunnels, mazes, or hide-and-seek games. They also enjoy exploring their environment with their noses and paws! Give your hedgehog plenty of opportunity for stimulating playtime.


Hedgehogs are natural explorers and will enjoy the chance to explore their surroundings. You can provide a safe area for your pet hedgehog to explore indoors by setting up a playpen or enclosure with lots of hiding places and different textures for them to investigate.

If you have an outdoor space too, it’s great for giving your hedgehog some time outdoors in the sunshine. Just make sure that it is secure from predators like cats or birds of prey!

Providing Toys

Hedgehogs love having something new to investigate and explore – so providing toys is a great way to keep your pet engaged and active.

Some popular toys include cardboard boxes (with holes cut out), paper towel or toilet roll tubes, plastic containers, wooden blocks, stuffed animals/squeaky toys – anything they can chew on or hide inside works well!

As always when offering any toy to your pet hedgehog make sure it’s safe for them first – no small pieces that could be easily swallowed should be used.

Running On Wheels

Wheel running is one activity that most hedgehog owners swear by! The main benefit being that it gives your pet the exercise they need while keeping them contained in one place (perfect if you live in an apartment!).

Hedgehog wheels come in many sizes so make sure you get one big enough for your hoggy friend – around 12 inches is good size but there are larger ones available too if needed. Always supervise wheel running at first until you know your pet won’t get injured trying to jump off the wheel itself as this has been known to happen occasionally!

Giving Treats

Giving treats every now and then helps keep things interesting for both you and your pet hedgehog – plus who doesn’t love a treat? Popular snacks include mealworms, crickets, dried fruit slices (like banana chips!), cooked eggs (scrambled not boiled!) And nut butter spread on crackers or toast. Again always check whether these items are suitable before feeding them as some may cause digestive issues if eaten in large quantities.

What Are Hedgehogs Favorite Things?

Hedgehogs are friendly and curious animals that make great pets. They have a wide variety of interests and enjoy activities such as exploring, playing with toys, cuddling, and snacking on treats. So what are hedgehogs favorite things?

One popular activity among hedgehogs is playtime! Hedgehogs love to explore their environment, so providing them with plenty of toys and hiding spots will keep them entertained for hours. Toys like tunnels, cardboard boxes, shredded paper or newspaper can be fun for your pet hedgehog to explore. It’s also important to provide your pet with items that promote physical activity – ladders or ramps can help encourage climbing while balls or food dispensers will give them something to chase after!

Hedgehogs also love snacks! While they should avoid certain foods such as chocolate or sugary treats, there are plenty of healthy snack options available at most pet stores. Fruits like apples and bananas can be chopped up into small pieces for your hedgehog to munch on.

Vegetables like carrots and cucumbers can also make great safe snacks for your furry friend. Be sure to offer these in moderation though—too much sugar from fruits could cause health problems down the line!

And last but not least: cuddle time! Hedgehogs need lots of social interaction just like any other pet; spending quality time bonding with your pet can help create a strong bond between you two. Your hedgie might even enjoy being held in the palm of your hand while you stroke its back softly – this is often times enough stimulation for it since they do not require extensive amounts of exercise like some other animals do (such as cats).

What Do Hedgehogs Like To Play With?

Hedgehogs are naturally curious and playful animals that enjoy exploring their environment. They thrive on interaction with humans, toys, and other hedgehogs. As such, they need access to a variety of playthings in order to stay healthy and happy.

One of the most important types of toys for hedgehogs is something they can chew on or burrow in. This could be anything from cardboard boxes and paper towel rolls to specially designed tunnels, cozy dens, and hiding places.

Chewable items like wooden blocks or pieces of untreated wood can also provide much-needed stimulation for your pet’s teeth. Hedgehogs also enjoy running through small tubes or tunnels as well as playing with exercise balls designed specifically for these little critters!

In addition to providing physical outlets for energy, offering hedgehogs mental stimulation is equally important. Puzzle feeders are great ways to engage their brains while rewarding them with tasty treats at the same time!

Other interactive toys might include cat wands filled with feathers or brightly colored objects suspended from strings that move around when touched by your pet’s quills. Allowing your hedgehog plenty of supervised time outside its cage (in an area without potential dangers) will give it the opportunity to explore and discover new things each day!

How Do I Know If My Hedgehog Is Happy?

In order to determine whether your hedgehog is happy, it’s important to keep a close eye on its behavior. A few key signs of a content and healthy hedgehog are:

  1. Active Playtime: If your hedgehog enjoys playtime with you or on its own, this is usually an indication that it’s happy. This can include running around in its wheel or playing with toys.
  2. Curled Up & Relaxed: When not active, if your hedgehog curls up into a ball and appears comfortable in its surroundings, then chances are it’s feeling at ease and content.
  3. Healthy Appetite: Hedgehogs typically enjoy mealworms as treats! If yours is eating regularly without any issues and has an appetite for worms or other treats, this means that they are likely very content.
  4. Normal Behaviour: Lastly, observe the behaviour of your pet when handling them; if there are no signs of distress such as hissing or scratching then usually this indicates that they are quite comfortable!

The best way to make sure your hedgehog remains happy is by providing them with plenty of space to explore in their enclosure, lots of physical activities such as running on wheels and toys to play with during the day time (try hiding some food amongst these objects!), regular vet check-ups and diet changes when needed so they remain healthy overall.

It’s also important to give them enough alone time so they don’t become overwhelmed – creating different spaces where they can take refuge from activity will help maintain happiness levels too!

Do Hedgehogs Need Daily Attention?

Yes, hedgehogs do need daily attention from their owners. When it comes to owning a pet such as a hedgehog, they require just as much care and love as any other animal would. Hedgehogs are known to be solitary creatures who enjoy being alone but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like having some company every now and then.

Hedgehogs should have at least an hour of playtime each day where they can get out of their enclosure and explore the room or area around them. During this time, you should also spend some quality one-on-one time with your hedgehog so that they can become comfortable with you and learn to trust you.

This is important because once your hedgehog trusts you, he will be more likely to come up closer for affection when given the opportunity. Before playing with your pet hedgehog, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly first in order to keep them safe from any germs or bacteria that may be on your skin.

In addition to giving them daily attention during playtime, it is also important to make sure that your hedgehog has fresh food and water available regularly throughout the day.

Make sure their bedding is clean so they have a comfortable place to sleep at night away from any drafts or sudden movements in the room which could startle them awake suddenly. Taking these steps will help ensure that your pet remains healthy and happy while in its ownership!

How Do You Make A Hedgehog Happy?

Hedgehogs are unique and lovable little creatures, but they require special care to be happy. First and foremost, a hedgehog needs plenty of space to explore and play. A large cage is ideal for this purpose as it provides enough room for the animal to move around freely without feeling cramped or scared.

The cage should also have places for hiding, like tunnels or boxes filled with hay or soft blankets. It’s important that the cage has different levels so the hedgehog can climb and explore in its own environment.

In addition to adequate housing, a healthy diet is key to keeping your hedgehog happy. Hedgehogs need food high in protein such as mealworms or crickets paired with fresh vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale.

Additionally, you should provide your pet with vitamin supplements specifically designed for small animals like hedgehogs since their bodies cannot produce these essential vitamins on their own. Lastly, offering treats occasionally can help make your pet feel extra loved while ensuring they stay healthy too!

By providing your pet with plenty of space to explore and a balanced diet full of vitamins, you can ensure that your hedgehog will remain content and healthy throughout its life.


In conclusion, hedgehogs are unique and fascinating animals that have a lot of personality. They love to explore the outdoors, dig in their environment, and search for food sources. While they may be cute and cuddly, it’s important to remember that they are wild animals who should be respected. With the proper care, hedgehogs can make great pets to enjoy for many years!

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