Where Is The Butterfly Biosphere At Thanksgiving Point?

Where Is The Butterfly Biosphere At Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Utah. Located just south of Salt Lake City, it features a variety of activities to enjoy such as animal exhibits, gardens, and museums. One of the main attractions at Thanksgiving Point is the Butterfly Biosphere.

This unique environment allows guests to view a wide variety of butterflies while exploring the natural beauty of Utah’s countryside. In this article we will explore all that the Butterfly Biosphere has to offer, from its incredible beauty to its educational components. So come along with us as we uncover all that makes this one-of-a-kind experience so special!

What Is The Butterfly Biosphere?

The Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point is an indoor butterfly garden that features hundreds of free-flying butterflies from all over the world. This unique environment allows guests to observe and interact with beautiful species such as Monarch, Painted Lady, and Blue Morpho butterflies. Visitors can also learn about the lifecycle of these incredible creatures through educational displays and interactive activities.

What Can You Do At The Butterfly Biosphere?

Visitors to the Butterfly Biosphere are encouraged to explore the lush vegetation and observe the many species of butterflies in their natural habitat. Guests can also purchase nectar-rich plants to feed butterflies directly from their hands or take part in a variety of fun activities such as scavenger hunts, art projects, and more.

Interactive Activities

The Butterfly Biosphere offers a variety of interactive activities for guests of all ages including:

  • Butterfly Encounter: This interactive encounter allows visitors to get up close and personal with some of the Butterflies in residence. Guests can ask questions while they learn about the butterfly’s life cycle.
  • Butterfly Maze: Guests are invited to explore an intricate maze filled with various species of live butterflies.
  • Scavenger Hunts: Families can participate in guided scavenger hunts that teach them more about the different types of local wildlife found at Thanksgiving Point.
  • Art Projects: Families can create works of art featuring colorful butterfly specimens.

Where Is The Butterfly Exhibit At Thanksgiving Point?

The butterfly exhibit at Thanksgiving Point is located in the Ashton Gardens, which is part of the Thanksgiving Point Institute in Lehi, Utah. The gardens are a 55-acre botanical garden featuring over 35 different kinds of gardens, with the butterfly exhibit being one of the most popular attractions.

The butterfly exhibit is located in the east wing of Ashton Gardens and features hundreds of tropical butterflies from around the world. Visitors can experience a warm and inviting atmosphere while walking through the lush green foliage and colorful flowers that make up the garden’s landscape.

The exhibit includes an observation area where visitors can watch as butterflies flutter around them and feed off of nectar-filled blooms. There are also interactive displays that allow visitors to get up close and personal with these captivating creatures. The butterfly exhibit is open year round, so visitors can come anytime to enjoy this unique experience.

How Long Does It Take To Go Through Butterfly Biosphere Thanksgiving Point?

The Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point is a beautiful and unique experience. Guests can expect to spend anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half exploring the space.

The butterfly house is full of vibrant colors, with hundreds of butterflies flitting around. Visitors can observe the different species of butterflies as they fly around and even land on them if they’re lucky! There are also plants, trees, fountains, and ponds throughout the biosphere that provide food and shelter for the butterflies. The temperature inside the biosphere is kept warm so that the butterflies can remain comfortable during their stay.

In addition to observing the butterflies, guests can also purchase food for them from the gift shop located in the center of the biosphere. Feeding stations are provided throughout for guests who want to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. After exploring all that there is to offer in this indoor rainforest, visitors will emerge feeling relaxed and rejuvenated by their experience!

Which City Is Butterfly Biosphere Located In Utah?

The Butterfly Biosphere is located in the city of Provo, Utah. Provo is the third-largest city in Utah and is located 43 miles south of Salt Lake City. It is home to Brigham Young University and many other educational institutions.

The Butterfly Biosphere is a unique butterfly conservatory that features over 15 species of butterflies native to Utah and the surrounding areas. Visitors can observe these beautiful creatures up close as they flutter around the conservatory’s many exhibits.

The Butterfly Biosphere was created in 2016 by local entrepreneur, Gail Miller, as a way to preserve and protect the butterfly population in Utah. Her mission was to create an interactive space for people to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of butterflies.

In 2019, the facility opened its doors to visitors from all over the world. During their visit, guests can learn about different species of butterflies and enjoy hands-on activities such as feeding them nectar or collecting specimens for research projects. Additionally, visitors can take part in guided tours that include facts about butterfly behavior and ecology. This educational experience has been incredibly popular with both adults and children alike.

When Did The Butterfly Biosphere At Thanksgiving Point Open?

The Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point first opened its doors to the public in May of 2000. Located in Lehi, Utah, this indoor attraction is a part of the Thanksgiving Point Institute and offers an interactive experience for visitors to learn about butterflies and their ecosystems.

The Butterfly Biosphere is home to hundreds of different species of butterflies from all over the world, providing visitors with an opportunity to observe these colorful creatures up close.

At the Butterfly Biosphere, guests can explore the lush gardens and winding pathways as they observe the butterflies in their natural habitat. The Biosphere also features educational displays that provide insight into the life cycle and migratory patterns of these beautiful insects.

Additionally, there are interactive exhibits where visitors can get hands-on with butterfly-related activities such as handling cocoons or learning about metamorphosis. This unique experience allows guests to gain a greater appreciation for these delicate creatures while also having fun!

Where Is The Butterfly Pavilion Moving To?

The Butterfly Pavilion is moving to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This move will take place in the summer of 2021, and marks a major milestone for the Butterfly Pavilion as they transition into a new home.

The move to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science allows the Butterfly Pavilion to expand its educational programming, which includes interactive exhibits, live animal encounters and opportunities for hands-on learning.

The new space will provide visitors with access to outdoor gardens, a pollinator garden, an aquatic room, an insectarium and more. By joining forces with DMNS, the Butterfly Pavilion will also be able to reach a broader audience and continue their mission of connecting people with nature.

The Butterfly Pavilion is excited about this move and all that it entails for their organization. They plan to use their new space not just as a place for visitors to learn about butterflies, but also as a center for research and conservation efforts related to butterflies and other pollinators. This move is sure to help keep butterfly populations healthy while providing education opportunities that benefit both people and nature alike.


The Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point is a unique and immersive experience that allows visitors to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most beautiful creatures. The vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and delicate beauty of these butterflies make it an ideal place for families to gather and learn more about the wonders of nature.

Not only does this experience offer a great opportunity for children to observe and appreciate the natural world around them, but it also serves as an important reminder of the importance of conservation and protecting our environment. No matter what season you visit, it is sure to be a memorable experience that everyone can enjoy!

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